The 10th edition of the AMPIMM Expo will include presentations, workshops, technical trainings and other special activities.


Specialized Forums

Three forums, consisting of talks and presentations, will be held with the aim of relaying expertise about trends, techniques and technology. Specialists in the field will share the latest in furniture manufacturing.

  • Home Seminar

Las necesidades dentro del hogar cambian constantemente, pensando en esa temática, este foro le brindará conocimientos clave para perfeccionar sus técnicas en mobiliario para el hogar.

  • Architectural Furniture Design Seminar

El diseño y la fabricación de muebles siempre ha estado ligada con la profesión del arquitecto, en el foro Arquimueble se desarrollará esta relación por medio de conferencias.

  • Kitchen Forum

The kitchen and bathroom area is a unique and innovative platform for those who work in furniture manufacturing, construction, and design related to these spaces.


Workshops -Technical Training

Free access halls where attendees will improve their work processes and be able to get up to date on the use and operation of products and services through hands-on workshops and technical training sessions during the three days of the event.


Coming soon
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